Octonius and Adobe Creative Cloud

Yes. It’s time to give thanks to the creative community and show them we listen to their feedback. Since Adobe CC became a widely used storage platform for Adobe users, we think it’s only natural to integrate it in our platform. In the upcoming weeks, we will update Octonius with this cloud storage. Everyone will be able to connect their Adobe CC account to Octonius and collaborate without frictions. We’ll keep you posted.


Building value on top of cloud storage

It’s been a great start for 2017 already. Tonnes of updates are waiting to be released on Octonius, both for consumers and business accounts. But we want to share with you what we were experiencing so far. Some corporations have a need for a private cloud. Others need a file management tool on top of their existing public cloud storage – Onedrive, Box etc. Initially, we wanted to build our own cloud storage to accommodate all these Read more...

Case Stories

Backup Multiple Storage

Companies need to quickly back up data to one or multiple locations. The solution – a secured platform, compliant with security regulations. Octonius does not cache or store files, and does not store storage passwords. – easy to use. The end-users should be able to backup storage without training. The process Backup your storage 1- Connect at least 2 storage to Octonius. 2- click BACKUP on your source storage (the one you want to backup), Read more...

Case Stories

Collect Files from Anyone via an Upload Form

An easy way to collect files and keep them organized by folders When you collect files, you want them organized. Here is a quick way to collect files from anyone, inside your Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and/or Dropbox storage. Files will be uploaded directly into your connected storage, which is eliminating all the download and management operations. 1. Open an Octonius account, create a bucket and share the link – have a storage connected to Read more...


Octonius-Slack Integration Guide

We’ve build the Octonius-Slack integration to end context switching between files and emails. Learn the new capabilities we bring to Slack: – how to search a document located on one or multiple storage. – how to open that document. – how to share a document (the sharing feature using our sync technology, any file change made by the recipient will update the file source). A. Integrate Octonius to Slack You have an Octonius account. If Read more...


Collect Files from Slack

Upload forms are the easiest way to collect files from anyone. Octonius’ buckets allow you to receive files directly in a specific storage, via a link – No more file downloads and uploads. How to use Slack and Octonius to collect files – have a storage connected to Octonius. – create a bucket in Octonius in clicking the + button in Buckets. – share the associated URL in Slack. As shows below, it can takes less than Read more...


Send a File Located on your Desktop

You can either send the files located on your desktop or on your cloud storage. Here’s how to send a file located on your desktop: A. Send a file from your desktop We are going to send a file from a marketing folder. – go to Shared Files. – tap Drag & Drop a file to find to instantly share it – open your file or just drag and drop it. – fill in the Read more...


Send a File Located on your Storage

You can either send files located on your desktop or your cloud storage. Here’s how to send a Photoshop file from a Design folder, located on a Microsoft OneDrive storage. A. Search and send a file located on your storage – Go to All my files. – Search the file via the tree (click your account, then your folder). You can also find your file in tapping its name in Search file to share. – Click the network Read more...