Cloud usage stats

We found this great infographic about cloud usage and how companies are struggling to fix the cloud fragmentation. Another great reason to use Octonius for cross cloud collaboration.

Backup Multiple Storage

Companies need to quickly back up data to one or multiple locations. The solution – a secured platform, compliant with security regulations. Octonius does not cache or store files, and does not store storage passwords. – easy to use. The end-users should be able to backup storage without training. The process Backup your storage 1- … [Read more…]

Collect Files via an Upload Form

Upload forms are the easiest way to collect files from anyone. It can be photos from friends, Office documents from colleagues or PDFs from partners.  Files are uploaded directly to your connected storage, which eliminates all the download and management operations with external files. 1. Create a bucket and share the link – have a storage connected … [Read more…]