It’s been a great start for 2017 already.

Tonnes of updates are waiting to be released on Octonius, both for consumers and business accounts.

But we want to share with you what we were experiencing so far.
Some corporations have a need for a private cloud.
Others need a file management tool on top of their existing public cloud storage – Onedrive, Box etc.

Initially, we wanted to build our own cloud storage to accommodate all these requests but we soon realised that the best option is to partner with a great storage provider and make sure everybody benefits from this added value.

We are focusing this year on a very limited set of goals as a starting point:

  1. build more business-oriented features in Octonius (I will detail later in a second post)
  2. partner with great cloud storage providers
  3. partner with the best BACKUP storage provider – and yes, I am thinking about you, Backblaze.
  4. focusing on what we do best: COLLABORATION – unified file sharing and file management platform.
  5. increase the development team

For backup storage, we are considering the good folks at Backblaze because they offer great value for professionals and companies.

This is going to be a very interesting year.

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