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Backup Multiple Storage

Companies need to quickly back up data to one or multiple locations.

The solution

– a secured platform, compliant with security regulations.
Octonius does not cache or store files, and does not store storage passwords.
– easy to use.
The end-users should be able to backup storage without training.

The process

Backup your storage

1- Connect at least 2 storage to Octonius.
2- click BACKUP on your source storage (the one you want to backup), in the Connected Clouds tab.
3- select your destination storage.
4- finally, click Backup.


5- repeat this operation with another source storage, to backup multiple storage to one single destination storage, or with another destination storage, to backup one storage to multiple storage.

Note: You can currently add Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box and Dropbox. 

Access your data

Once done, the backup files can be found in your destination storage, under the Octonius/backup folder created by Octonius.


The result

Full storage can be safely backup to any public or private storage at anytime.

Currently built as an additional service to our core application, we offer more backup functional capabilities (like file syncing) and customization on demand, feel free to contact us or visit octonius.

Collect Files from Anyone via an Upload Form

An easy way to collect files and keep them organized by folders

When you collect files, you want them organized.

Here is a quick way to collect files from anyone, inside your Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and/or Dropbox storage. Files will be uploaded directly into your connected storage, which is eliminating all the download and management operations.

1. Open an Octonius account, create a bucket and share the link

– have a storage connected to Octonius.
– create a bucket in clicking the + button in Buckets.
– select the destination storage of your choice.

– share the associated URL by email or a messaging platform.


2. The recipient uploads the files

– the link open a form, where the recipient uploads the requested files.


Note: the form does not give access to your files; your storage remains private.

3. Find the files directly in your storage

All the files will be automatically uploaded under the Octonius/buckets/foldername folder created by the app in your connected storage.


Do you have any question? Send us feedback or visit www.octonius.com and start collecting files.