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How to Connect a Storage to Octonius

A. Connect you first storage to Octonius.

Take care that you are log-in to your storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, Box or Dropbox).

– Go to the Connected Cloud bar, located on the right of Octonius.
– Click the icon corresponding to you storage.
– Let Octonius connect to your storage via an oauth form.

The oauth form will ask you to grant access for Box and to allow access with Google Drive.

A oauth forms uses encrypted tickets, Octonius does not store your storage email and password.


You can connect one or more cloud to Octonius.

B. Connect additional storage

– just repeat the previous operation in clicking a second storage icon.
– choose your Default cloud in clicking DEFAULT

Your default storage will collect your shared files, under the \Octonius\Shared files folder created by the app.

C. Security

– We do not index your files.
– We do not store your clouds passwords or accounts.
– We only build a safe, encrypted pipe between your cloud and your collaborators clouds on request.
– We do not store or cache your files.

We use the latest encryption standard – 256 AES

Got a question? Send a feedback or connect your first cloud.

How to Reset your Password

– Go to Settings.
– Scrawl down to Security.
– Click Change Password.
– Copy/paste your current password (sent to you by email) and enter your new password 2 times.
– Click Reset Password.


Got a question? Send us a feedback or check www.octonius.com.

How to Create an Account and Set Up Octonius

Go to the Octonius signup page.

A. Sign up to Octonius.

– Fill in your name.
– Fill in your professional email address.


B. Read the tour.

Observe where are located the different features:

– the Connected Clouds bar, to connect your storage (on the right of the app).
All my files,  to share in sync files from your cloud.
Shared files, to share files from your desktop.
Buckets, to collect files (the file sender does not need an Octonius account to send you files).
Organizations, to invite your team.

C. Connect your first storage

–  add your storage in clicking its  corresponding icon on the Connected Clouds bar.

For more info on the full procedure, click here.

D. Reset your password

– go to Settings and click change password.

For more info on the full procedure, click here.

E. Invite teams members

– go to Organizations and click the + button to create a team.
– once done, invite your team members by email or via the link provided (we recommend you to contact us, we will setup your full team).

Have any question? send us a feedback or visit www.octonius.com.