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Octonius and Adobe Creative Cloud

Yes. It’s time to give thanks to the creative community and show them we listen to their feedback.
Since Adobe CC became a widely used storage platform for Adobe users, we think it’s only natural to integrate it in our platform.

In the upcoming weeks, we will update Octonius with this cloud storage. Everyone will be able to connect their Adobe CC account to Octonius and collaborate without frictions.

We’ll keep you posted.

Back up Dropbox to OneDrive

Here’s a quick and powerful solution to back up a complete storage to another.

In this case, we advice you to use your storage as following:
– the storage “source” for collaboration.
– the “destination storage” as a repository storage.

We are going to backup a Dropbox storage to Microsoft OneDrive.

A. Select your storage source

Make sure to have your 2 storage connected to Octonius.

– click BACKUP, located at the right of the cloud icon of your storage source (Dropbox), in the Connected Cloud bar (right of the app).


B. Select your destination storage

– click on the destination folder (OneDrive).
– click Backup.


– The app will inform you that the backup as started.
– You will receive a confirmation email when the backup is completed.

The full content of your source storage will appear in your destination storage under the C:\Users\user\OneDrive\Octonius\Backup your_name@company.com.

As we are currently building this feature, you can send us a message for more info. You can also visit Octonius at www.octonius.com.

How to Sync your local Box App to your web Box App

Read and edit files directly from your computer in installing the local Box application.

Here’s how to sync and unsync specific folders with Box:

1. Download Box

First, download the local (desktop) Box application directly from the Box website https://www.box.com/resources/downloads.

2. Install and Sync the App

– Open BoxSyncSetup.exe.
– Read and agree with the conditions.
– Launch your app.
– Fill in the Box login information with the same email and password you used for the Box web application.
– Click Start syncing.

You should get the following picture. If not, right click on your Box icon, go to Preferences and make sure that Synced in On.


3. Sync and Unsync Specific Folders

– Go to your web app: https://app.box.com/files.
– Right click on your folder.
– Go to Properties.
– Click accordingly Unsync or Sync to computer.


4. Access your local files.

To know where your files are located, just right click on your Box app and go to properties.

On Windows, you should find your local files under the folder: C:\Users\user\Box Sync

You can now go back sharing files with www.octonius.com.