Upload forms are the easiest way to collect files from anyone.

Octonius’ buckets allow you to receive files directly in a specific storage, via a link – No more file downloads and uploads.

How to use Slack and Octonius to collect files

– have a storage connected to Octonius.
– create a bucket in Octonius in clicking the + button in Buckets.
– share the associated URL in Slack.

As shows below, it can takes less than 20 seconds between the moment you share the link to the recipient(s) and the moment you can open the received files, directly from a public or private cloud:

The file sender                                                       The recipient(s)

All the files will be automatically uploaded under the Octonius/buckets/foldername folder created in your connected storage.

Note: the form does not give access to your files; your storage remains private.

Have questions? Send us a feedback.
Visit www.octonius.com and start collecting files.

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