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How to Connect a Storage to Octonius

A. Connect you first storage to Octonius.

Take care that you are log-in to your storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, Box or Dropbox).

– Go to the Connected Cloud bar, located on the right of Octonius.
– Click the icon corresponding to you storage.
– Let Octonius connect to your storage via an oauth form.

The oauth form will ask you to grant access for Box and to allow access with Google Drive.

A oauth forms uses encrypted tickets, Octonius does not store your storage email and password.


You can connect one or more cloud to Octonius.

B. Connect additional storage

– just repeat the previous operation in clicking a second storage icon.
– choose your Default cloud in clicking DEFAULT

Your default storage will collect your shared files, under the \Octonius\Shared files folder created by the app.

C. Security

– We do not index your files.
– We do not store your clouds passwords or accounts.
– We only build a safe, encrypted pipe between your cloud and your collaborators clouds on request.
– We do not store or cache your files.

We use the latest encryption standard – 256 AES

Got a question? Send a feedback or connect your first cloud.