We’ve build the Octonius-Slack integration to end context switching between files and emails.

Learn the new capabilities we bring to Slack:
– how to search a document located on one or multiple storage.
– how to open that document.
– how to share a document (the sharing feature using our sync technology, any file change made by the recipient will update the file source).

A. Integrate Octonius to Slack

You have an Octonius account. If not, sign up or learn about security and getting started.

– go to Settings.
– click # Add to Slack.
– choose for which Slack team you want to use the Octonius integration, and for which channel you want updates from the Octonius bot.
– authorize the integration.


Once done, you should receive on Slack a message from the bot.

B. Search, open and send files directly from Slack

a) Search a file

– type the following command:
/Octonius search filename (report, for example. One keyword for the filename is enought to find it, you don’t need to know the full name).

The query will return the folders and files with that name, from all the storage you have previously connected to Octonius.


b) Open a file

– open a file in clicking on the file name (links on the left, on your search results).

Here is how to open an Excel file:


In the case you want to share a file with a team member, use your storage integration to share the file (via the + button, on the left of the message bar).

c) Send a file and work in sync

If you share a file using Click here to share, the file will be syncing between your cloud and the recipient cloud.
Any change brought by you or the recipient will update the file in both clouds.

– send a file in clicking on Click here to share.
fill in the recipient email address and click Share.

Congratulation! You have just searched and shared a file without leaving your Slack application.


Any recipient with at least one cloud connected to Octonius will receive the file.

C final remarks

– the Octonius-Slack integration can be integrated to only one team on Slack (your company team).
– once integrated, the app should not be removed from Slack by any member of your team; it would remove the integration for the whole team.

Got a question? Send us a feedback or search your first file using the integration.

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