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Send a File Located on your Storage

You can either send files located on your desktop or your cloud storage.

Here’s how to send a Photoshop file from a Design folder, located on a Microsoft OneDrive storage.

A. Search and send a file located on your storage

– Go to All my files.
– Search the file via the tree (click your account, then your folder). You can also find your file in tapping its name in Search file to share.
– Click the network button.
– Fill in the recipient email and click Share

Note that the recipient needs one cloud connected to Octonius.


Any change made by the recipient will update your file.

We recommend you to have an original copy of your file in another storage location (your desktop, public cloud or server), so the recipients can edit your file as they want.

– use this method to send files from a folder or storage dedicated to collaboration.
– share directly a file from your desktop (Shared files on Octonius), if you want to be sure that your files stay untouched. Find more information here on how to send a file from any location on your desktop .

B. The recipient receives and reads the file from anywhere, on any device

The recipient will receive the file in her/his connected storage.  If the recipient has integrated Box to Octonius, he/she will be able to read the received file directly from his/her Box application for mobile.

All the files send via Octonius go under a \Octonius\Shared files folder created by the app on the recipient storage.

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