Future of work

Digital workplace for the future of work

For a long time, enterprise employees struggled to get things done and keep everything centralized in one/ or 2/ or 3 silos. Without success. They wanted consumer products to help their enterprise workflows.
And be 100% secure. And on premise.

The nature of how work gets done is changing.

Organizations are moving toward working on a project-to-project basis, gathering people with the right skills, for as long as the work takes.

Octonius aims to help companies organize and sustain work in an ever changing environment.

It became our obsession to simplify and streamline the way people work and collaborate in large teams, and the result of this obsession is the new version of our product, Octonius.
We spent a lot of time talking with enterprise customers, Fortune 2000 companies, trying to understand how they work and finding ways to disrupt the process even further. We did a lot of UX testing, process design and more.

We found out that many companies train their employees to work with agile methodologies and design thinking processes.

That’s why we built Octonius from the ground up for this new way of working.

For example, instead of grouping all marketing employees in a Group, we created PROJECT oriented groups, to keep them small, keep them agile. You will only have relevant people in a group.

Everything is tailored for a clean, super simple experience that will help you focus on your work and remove clutter.

And this is just the beginning

As more and more features will popup during the next months, we will be able to enhance collaboration even further.

It’s going to be a great journey.

If you’re looking to speed up the way your team works, send us a message on to request a demo.