Future of work

Why switch to Octonius?

It’s a new layer of technology that brings together collaboration tools, people, and work.

The easiest way to understand it is Octonius replaces emails and spreadsheets from your company.

Email inside your company works so slow and it’s breaking productivity. It’s OK to use emails for external communication.

Imagine 7,000 person company x 30 email sent per day

THAT’S 210,000 emails per day!!!!

Spreadsheets are a common way to manage teams and tasks in your company.

Imagine sending 1 spreadsheet at least 2x day to 100 people for updates. All via email…


Now Joe, with 30 emails per day (not even 10% of all the exchange inside your company) is trying to do his job.

But the rest of the company information is completely hidden from Joe, information that might be relevant to him. Only accessible if another person manually sends those emails and spreadsheets to Joe.

You have this enormous flow of critical information inside your organization broken into tiny pieces fragmented between the employees.

And every single view to keep track of what’s happening inside your company is unique to every employee. 😱

So how do we fix it?

Well, first let’s get those emails and put them in feeds.

So instead of emails you have conversations inside feeds.

Now let’s organize those feeds into groups. Groups can be anything: projects, teams, departments, business units, channels – literally whatever you want or whatever is happening across your company.

The whole team is in a group.

And anytime anyone on the team has an update, or questions, or files to share for feedback, they just put them in the group feed ONCE and everyone who needs to know will see it.

Now let’s focus on those tasks from spreadsheets and put them on boards.

Boards are team’s more important productivity tool and inside Octonius your task will be visible, easy to update, and easy to track.

Update ONCE and everyone will see it. 

Start from building your workflows, add automation rules and more.

Be as simple or as detailed as you want.

So that’s why you need Octonius.

It makes collaboration better, teamwork faster and your company more agile.

With tons of features and power-ups, your company will be more productive and successful.

It’s a new OS for the workplace.

It’s the future of work.