Future of work

7 Tips to work remote

— Our experience as an organization that operates remotely since 2016.

The world of work in shifting and might change for a much better balance. Here are some steps you might use immediately to better manage work, improve your results, and enhance your employees’ satisfaction with their work.

1. Inspire with your mission

Managing remote and distributed teams is not the same as managing people in offices. The quick and water cooling conversations at coffee machines are not there anymore. People need now more being motivated, they need to be inspired.

Tip: use a global channel on a social enterprise platform to make people feel connected to your mission and to other employees.

Tools: YammerSlackOctonius

2. Plan work

Remote work leads to a growing use of videoconferencing facilities, which creates new problems:

  • work is immediately moved in progress, regardless of the priorities
  • what can be achieved is overestimated
  • too many video meetings
  • the information shared would be better stored in other systems

Async collaboration helps to keep everyone aligned.

Tip: write down goals and record your activities for later check-ins. Trust your employees and discover JOMO (the joy of missing out).

Tools: JiraOctoniusTrello

3. Prioritize and schedule

When goals are transparent, everyone has the ability to split work according to a level of priority.

Tip: use 80% of your time for high-value work. Put deadlines to know if you are on track.

4. Organize your workday around multiple blocks of interrupted work

According to a study from the University of California, it takes 23 minutes to recover from distraction at work.

Tip: limit interruptions. Send a chat message to your teammates before calling to let them tell you their availability.

5. Have a mix of quick 1:1 and team check-ins

There are challenges that cannot be expressed correctly over text.

Tip: Rapid check-ins, at a specific moment of the day, prevents miscommunication and extra hours of work.

Tools: SkypeWebExZoomWhereby

6. Exercise

An office worker walks an average of 7,750 steps a day.

Tip: get exercise to maintain a constant level of physical activity.

7. Learn together

Enterprise social platforms make it easy to organize conversations around subjects.

Tip: subscribe to channels out of your area of specialty, so you can learn new skills and increase your ability to move to new roles.


Managing remote people is a constant balance between focus and reactivity, written and oral information, work-related and knowledge-related conversations.

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