Future of work

What’s blocking real productivity?

Too many meetings

On average, workers spend 190 hours in meetings annually.
Nearly 75% are unnecessary meetings.

Communication flood

Responding to email and chat is the top reason why 33% of workers regularly stay late at the office to complete work.

Too many tools

Workers use about 10 different apps at work.
The more apps they use, the more distracted they feel.

Duplication of work

On average, workers spend 1 day each week working on something that’s already been done.

Solution? Smart tool – the future of work

Octonius provides more effective ways to orchestrate work with tools designed to reduce work about work.

  • AI – powered search,
  • flows & automations for task boards,
  • powerful document editor,
  • collaborative work

and more tools area ready to be launched to speed up your workflows.

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